Why Us

Experience. Credibility. Quality.

What separates us from the podcast producing pack? We are accomplished journalists, each with over two decades of audio crafting experience for major news organizations. We are seasoned field producers who have reported all over the world on countless issues of varying depth and breadth. We operate from both Europe and the United States, which enables us to work with a wide array of clients, and gives us a distinct voice.


We specialize in crafting long-form narrative stories, but we can bring our curiosity, clarity and expertise as storytellers to any project.


We have both anchored successful podcasts for major outlets and can provide hosting services. We also have deep connections in the business, and can find and even train the perfect host for your project.


A great podcast is an immersive one. We are masters at sound gathering and sound design and work with some of the best composers around to create original music for everything we do.