With nearly three decades of combined experience, business partners Tommy Andres and Maria Byrne have produced award-winning podcasts for the BBC, “Marketplace,” CNN and “This American Life.”

Tommy Andres

A veteran multimedia journalist and podcast producer with over 15 years of experience, Tommy Andres has done work for CNN, “Marketplace,” “This American Life,” Frontline, PBS NewsHour, Bloomberg Businessweek, Quartz and The New York Times. He was the host of CNN’s first podcast “News Day,” Kai Ryssdal’s field producer at Marketplace and once talked his dad into buying Madonna’s childhood home and putting it on eBay.

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Maria Byrne

Maria started making radio after she was given a pink My Little Pony tape recorder for her tenth birthday. She eventually went on to work at the BBC as a journalist covering international news for 14 years. Originally from Ireland, Maria has been based in China, the US, the UK, and Belgium. She has traveled the world producing radio and TV from the Mississippi Delta to Gaza, Yemen, North Korea and everywhere in between. She’s passionate about storytelling and podcasting and can’t wait to hear your story. 

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Our Story

Maria and Tommy met as Knight-Wallace Fellows at the University of Michigan. The fellowship selects up to 20 journalists from around the world each year to study at U of M, and as part of their studies, Maria and Tommy decided to enroll in a pop and lock dancing class. They spent an entire semester subjecting themselves to daily embarrassment in front of undergrads, and are now ready to get back to something they’re actually good at: audio storytelling.

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