About Us

With nearly three decades of combined experience, business partners Tommy Andres and Maria Byrne have produced award-winning podcasts for the BBC, Marketplace, CNN and This American Life.

Tommy Andres

Tommy is an award-winning journalist with more than 15 years of experience at national outlets as a reporter, producer, and project manager. He was the Senior Special Projects Producer for the national public radio program Marketplace before being selected as a Knight-Wallace journalism fellow. Tommy was also the host of CNN’s first daily news podcast and has reported for The Atlantic, Frontline, PBS NewsHour, Quartz, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, and This American Life.

Email Tommy: tommy@airloommedia.com

Maria Byrne

Maria is an award-winning journalist and audio producer who worked for the BBC for 15 years. Originally from Ireland, Maria has worked in almost every region of the world. She has been based in London, Washington DC, Beijing, and Brussels, working as a senior producer covering the biggest international news stories for the world’s largest broadcast news operation. Maria produced the highly-acclaimed BBC podcasts “No Body Recovered” (2019) and “Murder in the Lucky Holiday Hotel” (2017).

Email me: maria@airloommedia.com

Our Story

Maria and Tommy met as Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellows at the University of Michigan. The fellowship selects up to 20 journalists from around the world each year to study at U of M, and as part of their studies, Maria and Tommy decided to enroll in a pop and lock dancing class. They spent an entire semester subjecting themselves to daily embarrassment in front of undergrads, and are now ready to get back to something they’re actually good at: audio storytelling.

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